The Independent (our Alumni magazine)

The Independent is the magazine that is produced annually for our alumni around the world (although it is also read with interest by current students and staff).

The majority of stories and news come from, or are about, our graduates. On the other hand, feeling that you may like to be kept aware of how the University is faring, we have tried to balance the alumni stories with some news from Buckingham. Read our most current issue here and dive into our archive to read what we’ve been up to in the past.

The Alumni Office is happy to provide past issues by mail where available.

The Independent Summer 2017Summer 2017
The Independent, Summer 2015Summer 2015The Independent, Summer 2016Summer 2016
The Independent, Spring 2014Spring 2014The Independent, Autumn 2014Autumn 2014
The Independent, Spring 2013Spring 2013autumn-2013Autumn 2013
Spring 2012The Independent - Autumn 2012Autumn 2012
The Independent - Spring 2011Spring 2011Autumn 2011
The Independent - March 2010March 2010July 2010The Independent Autumn 2010Autumn 2010
The Independent - March 2009March 2009The Independent - July 2009July 2009The Independent - November 2009November 2009
The Independent - April 2008April 2008The Independent - July 2008July 2008The Independent - November 2008November 2008
The Independent - Spring / Summer-2007Spring / Summer 2007The Independent - Autumn 2007Autumn 2007The Independent - Winter 2007Winter 2007
The Independent - Winter / Spring 2006Winter / Spring 2006The Independent - Summer 2006Summer 2006The Independent - Autumn / Winter 2006Autumn / Winter 2006
The Independent - Spring 2005Spring 2005The Independent - Special Edition 2005Special Edition 2005The Independent - Autumn 2005Autumn 2005
The Independent - Winter 2004Winter 2004The Independent - Spring / Summer 2004Spring / Summer 2004
The Independent - Spring / Summer 2003Spring / Summer 2003The Independent - Autumn 2003Autumn 2003

For issues between Autumn 2001 and Spring / Summer 2003 please contact the Alumni Office.

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