Unconditional Offer Scheme

If you receive an offer from Buckingham, you’ll be considered for our Unconditional Offer scheme. You may be selected for the scheme if you have shown evidence of strong performance at school or college and a commitment to studying at University, with particular reference to Buckingham’s two-year degree and tutorial teaching system.

If you then choose Buckingham as your Firm choice via UCAS or as a direct applicant, you’ll receive an unconditional offer. All degree courses at Buckingham are eligible, with the exception of the MB ChB Medical School degree.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Buckingham Unconditional Offer Scheme?

All applicants to Buckingham (UCAS B90) are treated individually. Our typical offers and entry requirements aim to be realistic whilst presenting a challenge to our applicants.

If you have received a conditional offer for a course at Buckingham, we will review your application again.

If you are then selected for the scheme and commit to Buckingham as your firm choice through UCAS, we will match this commitment by making your offer unconditional in advance of completion of your current assessments or exams.

The scheme is designed to attract motivated and committed students who will add value to Buckingham’s success, whilst also taking some of the pressure off you as you prepare for your final school/college examinations.

Most importantly, we are making offers to students who we feel will benefit from Buckingham’s reputation for teaching excellence and engaging tutorial system.

How it works

If you are made a conditional offer by Buckingham, we will inform you if you are eligible for the scheme. We may also inform you that your conditional offer can be upgraded to an Unconditional offer as part of the scheme.

Your offer via UCAS Track will say that you have been selected for the Buckingham Unconditional Offer Scheme. Direct applicants will be contacted individually by email.

If you then commit to Buckingham by choosing us as your Firm/first choice, we will match this commitment by making your offer unconditional ahead of the completion of your current examinations and assessments. This will be clear on UCAS track or via returning your acceptance statement if you are a direct applicant.

Accepting Buckingham as your firm choice and receiving your unconditional offer

When you respond to our Buckingham Unconditional Offer Scheme offer, by choosing us as your firm choice, we will make your offer unconditional by confirming your place at Buckingham. We will confirm your place and make the offer unconditional after the 14 days cooling off period recommended by UCAS has passed.

What if Buckingham is my Insurance Choice?

Our aim is to admit students who really want to come to Buckingham and are committed to studying with us.

Choosing a course and a university is an important decision and, whilst we hope students selected for the scheme will want to join us, we feel it is important that you demonstrate your commitment by selecting Buckingham as your firm/first choice via UCAS in order to receive the benefits of an unconditional offer.

If you decide to put Buckingham as your Insurance choice, your offer will stay conditional and you would be eligible to come to Buckingham if your Firm choice University releases you in line with the standard UCAS process.

Is there a deadline for the scheme?

The only deadline for responding to our offer is the one set by UCAS.

For most applicants, this will be early May, but the deadline depends on when you receive all of your decisions. As long as you accept Buckingham as your firm choice via UCAS Track we’ll confirm your place. Direct applicants will also be given a specific deadline to accept the offer and pay the relevant deposit. We encourage you to make your Firm choice when you are ready, but as early as possible to allow you to focus on your studies, assessments and examinations, and to apply for an accommodation place.

How do we choose who is eligible for the scheme?

We select students on the basis of academic achievement to date in completed examinations (such as AS levels if offered, EPQ and GCSEs or equivalent).

In addition, we take into account other factors such as performance in relevant subjects, work experience, the school/college reference, predicted grades and the personal statement. Some courses may make an Unconditional offer AFTER an informal selection day or interview, partly to ensure that you are fully aware of the Buckingham teaching model and two-year degree. You will be informed if this is the case.

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider applicants who require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. We are though able to consider international and EU applicants who do not require a Tier 4 visa.

Is everyone considered for the scheme?

All applicants who are holding offers for courses that are part of the scheme are considered, based on the broad criteria above, but not all students will be made Unconditional offers. As a guide, we are looking for strong performance at GCSE including English and Mathematics plus clear evidence of strong potential via the A-levels or other qualifications you are taking and qualitative information via the personal statement and UCAS/direct reference.

Students taking BTEC, Pre U, Cambridge Technical, IB and a mix of qualifications will also be eligible. Students taking Access to HE or Foundation programmes will not normally be eligible as these are normally one-year courses without clear predicted grades. We still welcome applications from these and many other qualifications.

If you have been made a conditional offer (ie not an unconditional offer), our Admissions staff still value your success to date and have identified your potential to be a successful student at Buckingham. We do not view you in a different way.  You will also be eligible for the same scholarships and first-year accommodation guarantees as all our applicants and offer holders.

We hope that you will still consider accepting our offer as your firm choice via UCAS Track. If you have any questions about your offer or want to discuss anything about your offer or conditions, call our Admissions Office on 01280 820227 or by contacting the admissions officer for the school/department you have applied to.

If you are selected for the scheme, your place will be made unconditional as soon as you firmly accept your offer via UCAS Track, after the standard 14 days cooling off period recommended by UCAS. Direct applicants would need to complete and return their acceptance statement in full. This means your place would not be dependent on your final school examination results in July-August and you can start preparing for your time at Buckingham.

We would expect you to go on to perform well in your final school examinations (and there is the High Achievers Scholarship to reward high grades and our University of Buckingham Bursary based on your household income).

Your academic performance – will students not work as hard as they could?

We don’t believe that the scheme will stop students working hard and past students from schemes such as this have gone on to achieve excellent results.

If you have been selected for the scheme, you have demonstrated a very strong academic record and a clear motivation to succeed and we don’t believe you’ll lose this drive because we have made your place unconditional.

Good grades provide a strong foundation for university-level study and good A-level results are also important for your future career (with many employers initially selecting on the basis of A-level and other post-16 results). The Buckingham High Achiever Scholarship aims to encourage you to achieve your potential.

Once the unconditional offer has been made, all prospective students (including conditional offer holders) will be welcome to engage with us in a range of ways, including:

  • Participating in taster days or Applicant Visit Days.
  • Attending Open Days/Open Evenings.
  • Visiting for a Campus Tour.
  • Engaging in Live Chat with trained staff and students.
  • Joining us on our social media platforms so they can begin to experience life at UoB.
  • Attending school-specific or major University-wide events.
  • Access to online resources including getrevising.co.uk and Action for Happiness resilience resources.
  • Students who accept a U offer could be sent/encouraged to engage with resources linked to positive psychology and resilience – along with all our accepters.
  • Departments who normally make offers after a selection day or other intervention/engagement may make an unconditional offer after the interview/selection day. Psychology, for example, make offers after a successful informal selection day.
  • We will also engage with schools/colleges and other groups, including parents, about our scheme and our work to be the UK’s first Positive University.

Applying for the High Achievers and other Scholarships/Bursaries at Buckingham

You do not need to apply for this and other awards – it is awarded on enrolment subject to verifying your results and other evidence. It’s also really important that our unconditional offer holders still succeed in their exams and assessments and we will support them in doing so with access to taster tutorials, campus visits and informal meetings with students and academic staff.

Find out more about our scholarships and bursaries. 

Any questions: please contact us at admissions@buckingham.ac.uk, 01280 820227