Santander Mobility Awards 2019

Santander Universities

There are a number of (up to £1,000 each) Mobility Scholarships available for our Humanities, Law, Science and Business School students and the academic staff to study, attend a seminar / conference, or develop research in the UK or overseas in one of our partners within the Santander Universities network countries.

  • America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and USA
  • Europe: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Poland
  • Rest of the world: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore and Ghana

There are also a number of Mobility Scholarships (up to £500 each) to study, attend a seminar/conference, or develop research within the UK or overseas in one of our partners within the Santander Universities network countries.

What is the value of the Mobility Awards?

The £1,000 and £500 awards will only cover accommodation and transport costs, as well as living expenses.

Criteria for applicants

Applicants whose research or study project requires that they travel in the UK or to any of the countries of the Santander Universities network. The funding is intended to be used at a country and a partner institution within the Santander network.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Impact and number of people benefitting from the award.
  • Quality, originality and feasibility of the research or study proposal.
  • The potential for collaboration with another university or institution.
  • Initiative shown in the nature of the proposal.
  • Academic relevance of the proposal to the programme of study.

The allocation of the scholarship will be on condition to fulfil the proposal within the specified timeframe. It will be the responsibility of the student to comply with visa requirements and regulations.

How to apply

All applications for funding must be submitted on the Santander Application Form.  Applications are welcome throughout the year until all funds are allocated.  Please send all applications to

Comments from previous award recipients

“Your assistance paid for my travel and living expenses to Berlin as part of a trans-national research project seeking to create an agent-based model illustrating the inflationary effects of quantitative easing in the aftermath of the Great Recession. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for granting me a Santander Award”.

Georgi Rusinov, Girton College, University of Cambridge & Institute of International Monetary Research, 2017

“My Santander award enabled me to present my research on the Russo-Georgian conflict of 2008 to the biggest Political Science conference in the world, the International Studies Association annual conference held in Baltimore. the Santander fellowship has not only proven crucial towards completing and disseminating a particular piece of research, but has also led to the establishment of a new professional network with academics from the United States, thereby opening the door to future research collaborations and deliverables”.

Dr Bill Kappis, Lecturer in Security and Intelligence, 2017

“The Santander Mobility Scholarship award is a very valuable tool to facilitate international, extracurricular academic opportunities that are not readily available. I used the scholarship to pay for travel & lodging expenses. Santander has, in a very tangible way, demonstrated its commitment to the development of the future leaders of the world. I thank the University of Buckingham and Santander Bank for this remarkable opportunity that has undoubtedly added significant value to my personal, professional and academic development.”

Glenn McPhee – attended Master Class: Competitive Intelligence, at Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid Spain. 2014

“The conference was intended to discuss the peace and stability of Africa. It offered me the opportunity to be informed on the measures, policies and programs that are underway to sustaining the peace, stability and progress of the African continent.

The funds were adequately sufficient, but like the proverbial Oliver Twist will put it ‘we can only ask for more’. I will recommend that they should go further to provide funding for PhD studies”.

Bright Owusu Gyasi, attended a conference on peace and stability in Africa, organised by the UN in New York. 2014