Computing Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Scholarship details

Qualification type: MSc Computing (by Research)

Applications close: 15:00 (BST) on 6 September 2019

Location: Buckingham/China

Funding amount: Tuitions fees and UK travel and living expenses

Hours: Part-time

Contact: Hongbo Du

Project description

The University of Buckingham is the UK’s only independent university with a Royal Charter. It is committed to excellence in teaching and research and to providing an outstanding service to its students. The School of Computing enjoys international reputation for research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer vision, Internet of Things and other areas of applied computing and mathematics.

Ultrasound imaging devices are widely used in many medical centres because of their safe and non-intrusive nature. Ultrasound images are often taken as preliminary checks for signs of concerns such as malignant tumours. However, due to the specific characteristics of ultrasound images, despite technical advances of computer vision, image processing and machine learning techniques, computer aided diagnosis based on ultrasound images is still a very challenging task.

This research aims at developing novel machine learning solutions particularly in deep learning for computer aided diagnosis using ultrasound images for thyroid and breast cancers. The research will specifically investigate all range of signals conveyed in ultrasound images for better and added levels of accuracy in diagnosis of the tumour status. In this project, the student will engage with a team of experts in the field of computer vision and deep learning to benefit from excellent support to develop a solution that helps doctors in clinics.

The ideal candidate should have experience in working with doctors in clinics or possess clinical knowledge of tumour diagnosis. Candidates should have a good awareness of modern machine learning technology and possess good skills in fast prototyping of new solutions and other aspects of research. An excellent bachelor degree is essential. Suitable candidates with rich clinical experience will receive training in necessary programming/scripting using machine learning packages and experimental study skills. Excellent communication skills are essential for the candidates to communicate effectively within the research teams, with the potential end users in clinics with different cultural backgrounds.

The successful candidate is expected to start in Sep 2019. If you wish to discuss any details of the project informally, please contact Mr Hongbo Du, ( For application enquiries, please contact our admissions team (

Funding and eligibility

The fund will cover the full tuition fee for the whole duration of the MSc (i.e. 2 years on part-time basis) plus travelling expenses needed for field trips, and living allowances during stays in the UK.

How to apply

Apply online. Please indicate on the application form that the application is intended for September 2019 entry and “Computing Postgraduate Research Scholarship” under the Funding section.