Postgraduate Home Fees 2017 – 2018

September 2017 – August 2018

Home student status typically applies to persons ordinarily resident in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, and to nationals of the EU and Overseas Territories. Nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland may often qualify for Home status or other financial support. Please contact the Admissions Assistant for your proposed degree. You may also find it useful to look at our Accommodation fees to help you to budget for your living expenses during your studies.

Please note that the University of Buckingham has four (4) terms per year. The tuition fees quoted are for the degree (e.g. if you start an MBA at Buckingham in January 2018, you will pay the same termly fee for the duration of your degree – you will not be affected by the price increase in September 2018).


Postgraduate taught degrees


Termly fee#

Total tuition fees#

Annual fee#

LLM (4 terms – Sept ’17 entry & 3 terms – Jan ’18 entry) (course info) £2,483 £7,450
MA in Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MA in Security and Intelligence Studies (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MA in Security, Intelligence and Diplomacy (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MA in Archaeology (course info) £1,965 £7.860
MA in Biography (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MA in Decorative Arts and Historic Interiors (3-terms) (course info) £3,197 £9,590
MA in Dickens Studies+ (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MA in English Country House 1485-1945+ (course info) £2,140 £8,560
MA in the Art Market and the History of Collecting (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MA in History of Art: Renaissance to Modernism+ (course info) £2,140 £8,560
MA in History of Sport+ (course info) £2,140 £8,560
MA in Military History+ (course info) £2,140 £8,560
MA in Modern War Studies and Contemporary Military History+‡ (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MA in Philosophy + (course info) £2,140 £8,560
MA in Tudor History + (course info) £2,140 £8,560
MA in Western Architectural History + (course info) £2,140 £8,560
MBA (course info) £2,538 £10,150
MD in General Internal Medicine (Clinical) (2-year, 8-term) (course info) £57,000 £28,500
MSc in Clinical Science (course info) £7,088 £28,350
MEd in Educational Leadership (18-month, 6-term) (course info) £4,350
MSc in Accounting and Finance (course info) £2,253 £9,010
MSc in Applied Computing (18-month, 6-term) (course info) £1,875 £11,250
MSc in Innovative Computing (course info) £2,253 £9,010
MSc in Finance and Investment (course info) £2,538 £10,150
MSc in Financial Service Management (course info) £2,253 £9,010
MSc Health Psychology (course info) £1,965 £7,860
MSc Lean Enterprise (2-year, 8-term) (course info) £2,250 £18,000 £9,000
MSc Entrepreneurial Consultancy & Practice  (course info) £2,253 £9,010
MSc Management in a Service Economy (course info) £2,253 £9,010
MSc Management in a Service Economy (part-time) (2-years, 8-term) (course info) £1,126 £9,010 £4,505
MSc Money, Banking and Central Banking (course info) £2,538  £10,150

Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas


Termly fee#

Total tuition fees#

Pre-Masters Course in Business (1-term) £5,350 £5,350
Graduate Diploma in Computing (3-terms) (course info) £2,205 £6,615
Graduate Diploma in Computing (4-terms) (course info) £1,650 £6,600
Postgraduate Certificate in Middle Leadership (course info) >£800
Independent PGCE (course info) >£4,550
PGCE with Teachers’ Standards (course info)
QTS Conversion Course >£2,495
Diploma in Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence (course info) £5,140
Certificate in Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence (course info) £2,620

Postgraduate research
(MA, MSc, PhD)

Termly fee*

Total tuition fees*

Annual fee*

Full-time – English Literature or History £1,875 Dependent on duration of study £7,500
Full-time – Humanities, Business, Law £1,875 £7,500
Full-time – Science^ £1,875 £7,500
Full-time – Computing^ £1,875 £7,500
Resident outside of the UK £940 £3,750

All fees are subject to annual increase (in September)

# Students will pay the same termly fee for the duration of their studies. The tuition fee quoted is therefore the total cost of the degree.
* The University reserves the right to increase course fees annually in line with inflation linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) to take account of the University’s increased costs of delivering educational services. If the University intends to increase your course fees it will notify you via email of this as soon as reasonably practicable. Total tuition fees will vary if the degree spans more than one calendar year.
Associate Student fees are as follows:

+ Dinners following the seminars are included in the tuition fee.
‡ 20% discount available for serving Officers in the British Armed Forces (War Studies).
~ Discounts available.
^ The fee for undertaking a research degree in the Clore Laboratory will include a bench fee. This will be dependent on the nature of the research project and will be notified to you in your offer letter.
> Applicants to all Education courses must also pay a non-refundable Registration Fee of £275 (£100 for the Postgraduate Certificate in Middle Leadership), payable on application.