University of Buckingham Bursaries & Scholarships


Founding an Independent University

Buckingham was founded in 1976 by a group of Oxford academics who despaired of the way the other British universities were going. The other universities are all funded by the state, and the state is their customer, so they have to do what the state says. That is why, to save money at the students’ expense, the state spends only half as much per student as it did 20 years ago, and with the effects of the Browne Report hanging over the country, this expenditure is likely to plummet further still. But the customer at Buckingham is you . We’re not perfect, but our every effort is directed at your learning and social experience, not at meeting some Government minister’s bureaucratic target.

Cuts and Caps

In today’s climate, Buckingham’s independent status means that we can assess our applicants based on their own merits, and not be concerned about capped numbers of places or funding cuts. We endeavour to maintain our staff:student ratio of 10.4:1 but this doesn’t mean we limit our student numbers – instead we will take able students who want to learn, and provide them with the teaching they need.

Classical Liberalism

The University was founded on the principles of Classical Liberalism, and has taught the ideals of free-thinking, liberal political thought, and maintained the independence of academia since we opened forty years ago.