Medical Tuition Fees

Tuition fees

The fee for MD in General Internal Medicine (Clinical) is £25,000 per annum (£27,000 in 2015), exclusive of accommodation costs. The MSc by Research in Clinical Science is also £25,000 (£27,000 in 2015).

Full payment for the duration of the programme at entry attracts a fee reduction of £1,000. Stage payments of £13,000 (£14,000 from 2015) are possible and these incur a credit charge of £500 per instalment. A first payment of £13,000 (£14,000 from 2015) is required on acceptance, with a second payment of £13,000 (£14,000 from 2015) due before commencing the MD programme.  The next payment is due before the start of the second year and another six months later. For the 2-year MD, the total cost will be £50,000 (£53,000 from 2015).

Candidates MUST NOT pay any agent or representative of the university or any person claiming to be such an agent or representative of the university, any monies whatsoever, in any currency, as these costs are borne by the university directly.

Payment methods

All fees are to be paid in pounds sterling. For different methods of fee payment, please refer directly to the methods of payment page. All payments will be acknowledged by  email. No responsibility will be taken by the University for any payments made to any other bank account or to individuals.

Additional administrative charges applicable to candidates sponsored for full registration by the GMC

The University of Buckingham Medical School has been awarded sponsorship status by the GMC. This provides a mechanism for medical faculty to recommend suitable candidates enrolled on the Clinical MD for full GMC registration. The agreed selection process is extensive, comprising a filtering teleconference interview conducted shortly after a candidates’ initial application, followed by intensive scrutiny and assessment during the initial three months of the teaching programme. Candidates’ clinical abilities, language proficiency, and grasp of the ethical obligations expected of a fully GMC-registered medical practitioner are assessed and recorded in weekly objective structured reports. Those whose performance meets the required standard will proceed to a final structured interview. Success in all stages of this process will result in candidates’ names being recommended to the GMC for full registration.

Administration of the assessment process is resource-intensive, and costs must be met from additional fees charged to candidates wishing to be considered for sponsorship. Such fees are over and above standard tuition fees for the Clinical MD programme and do not guarantee a successful outcome for the sponsorship assessment process.  These are also separate from any additional fees charged by the GMC once candidates are recommended for registration.

The overall cost of this process is £7,500 (non-refundable).

GMC registration by sponsorship is not available for candidates during the first year of MSc studies.  Such candidates will only pay the initial teleconference interview fee. Assessment will resume during the clinical phase.


Very few scholarships or bursaries are available to the candidates for the MD programmes at the present time and the availability of these will be announced on this website as and when they become available.

Accommodation Costs

For details about the accommodation for the postgraduate medical programme, including payment of accommodation costs, please visit our accommodation information page.

Tuition Fee Refund

If a student withdraws from the programme, or fails to register, then an administrative charge of £4,500 will be retained (except for overseas applicants unable to obtain a visa, who will normally be refunded in full upon receipt of an original visa refusal letter). The remainder of any money paid will be refunded