New Masters in Oil and Gas Laws

An oil platformFor the first time the Law School will be offering courses on Oil and Gas Laws in its LLM programme, commencing from January 2011. The new courses on offer are:

  • Oil and Gas Laws and Policy
  • Energy Exploitation and Environmental Regulations

These courses will form part of the Oil and Gas Law Specialist pathway. They are very topical at a time when energy reserves around the world are dwindling and there is an increased interest amongst nation states to explore and exploit new energy resources.

The specialised course on Oil and Gas Laws and Policy will focus on the law and practice of international oil and gas laws, examining the legal rules and policy approaches towards oil and gas exploration and production. It will also examine applicable regulatory, policy and contracting mechanisms employed to minimise risks and conflict scenarios. The specialised course on Energy Exploitation and Environmental Regulations focuses on environmental regulation of energy exploitation under international, EU and UK regulatory framework.

This programme is ideal for anyone with a first degree in Law who is interested in pursuing a career in Oil and Gas Laws practice.

Report by the Director of the LLM Programme and the Dean of the Law School

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