News about the MA in Global Affairs

October 2011: Publication by Global Affairs alumnus

Philipp Mueller, who is now Assistant Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (see below), has published a briefing paper, The Sahel is Greening, in which he discusses one of the positive effects of global warming.

September 2011: Global Affairs alumna at African Development Bank Group

Maranatha-AjirMaranatha Mnena Ajir from Nigeria graduated from the MA Global Affairs in 2011 (Merit grade). She sent this report about her current work:

I am currently interning for three months with the African Development Bank Group (Nigeria Field Office). In the course of my internship I am responsible for determining Nigeria’s position with respect to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015: accessing each of the goals and identifying factors that are either favouring their attainment or hindering their achievement. Also through my internship, I am to work out how the activities of the Bank in Nigeria are contributing to achieving these goals. This I am supposed to do through consultation with relevant Bank staff who are actively involved in the process, participating in the Nigeria Field Office technical / projects review meetings and also attending various Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) meeting with various government institutions and parastatals.

The knowledge gained throughout my time at Buckingham is gradually being put to use in my work on a daily basis. The broad spectrum of the Global Affairs programme has also helped me to put a lot of things in the right perspective that will help me in achieving my objectives in my present work and even for the future.

August 2010: Global Affairs students initiate debate

A melting glacierMAGA students arranged a debate on Climate Change: Propaganda or Reality? The panel, chaired by Professor Martin Ricketts, included Mr Michael Jefferson, Visiting Professor of Global Business at Buckingham and Chairman of Policy Issues, Renewable Energy and Energy Policy, WREC, UK; Ms Rachel Saunders, political campaigner for Oxfam; and Dr David Whitehouse, former BBC News Science Editor and Correspondent and member of the Advisory Council for the Global Warming Policy Foundation.  Their specific and sometimes contrasting presentations included issues such as climatic data particularly from the last few decades, which are meant to substantiate the ‘reality’ of Climate Change and not ‘propaganda’ – even when science itself is uncertain and changing. Other ‘realities’ of Climate Change were presented, especially the need to address its effect on human conditions and well-being. Finally, what is the advantage, if any, of international summits such as Copenhagen?

August 2010: Geneva – step towards enhanced international careers

MAGA students in GenevaIn its second consecutive year the study-trip to Geneva was again successful. Lucky enough to have a comprehensive programme of workshops, seminars and various activities within the United Nations and with other international bodies, the students engaged in instructive and stimulating debate.  Experts in different fields gave students the opportunity not only to learn about their work but also to question policy and decision-making and put forward their own ideas as future professionals in the international fora. Diplomats, advisors, international negotiators and academics among others also offered their advice and expertise by sharing details of their own career paths. Students very much appreciated the openness and genuine attention to each one’s concerns and expectations.

June 2010: New appointment for Global Affairs alumnus

Philipp Mueller (2nd from right) with other MAGA studentsGraduates from the MA in Global Affairs Programme continue to delight us with their career news. This time we would like to congratulate Philipp Mueller, First Class student in International Studies with French 2009 and MAGA 2011, who has recently joined the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Philipp joins GWPF as Assistant Director and will work together with a distinguished team of Academic Advisors and a renowned Board of Trustees, chaired by Lord Lawson. The Foundation’s Director is Dr Benny Peiser, Visiting Fellow at the University of Buckingham, whose career focuses, among other subjects, on the effects of environmental change and catastrophic events on contemporary thought and societal evolution.

March 2010: Fellowship awarded to MA in Global Affairs alumna

Gulmira RzayevaThe Department of Economics and International Studies is delighted to announce the success of MA in Global Affairs alumna Gulmira Rzayeva, who has been awarded a Fellowship by the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Silk Road Studies Program and the Rumsfeld Foundation Programme. The Fellowships, of which only seven were awarded in Spring 2010, are designed to raise regional leaders in government, commerce, and academia from Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan. The goal of the programme is to foster better understanding and build stronger relations between the United States and countries of the region. Since its inauguration in Autumn 2008, the highly competitive programme has brought 21 young leaders to the United States to conduct independent research and to meet policymakers, business leaders, journalists and academics.  See Gulmira’s profile on the Central Asia-Causacus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program website (external link).