Dr Sue Palmer

Dr Sue PalmerSue has 36 years working in education at every level from pre-school to higher education. In 1997 she gained her doctorate through researching the development of working memory in relation to literacy development. This research led her to working with Baddeley and Hitch and others in the development of a new aspect of the working memory model: the inhibition control within the central executive. Sue’s research extended to working with children and adults with dyslexia, and children with hearing impairments, looking at ways to help them to improve their reading. Sue trained with Read America and became their academic advisor. Sue has written several books on children’s literacy including a best-seller Checking Individual Progress in Phonics (ChIPPs) which is widely used in schools around the country. Sue was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2004 for outstanding contributions to enhancing the student experience and sat on the national advisory bodies for both personal development planning and for employability. Sue was awarded a Senior Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy in 2008. Since 2009 Sue has run two successful companies: Empowering Confidence which has developed educational software; and The Phonics Academy which trains teachers and parents to deliver phonics courses to help young children learn to read. She is currently teaching the Introduction to Psychology course.

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